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Students entertain others with their talents at the annual variety show.

Students create and then test their own handmade race cars of their own design.

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Welcome Message From the Principal

Adrienne Van Gorden - Principal

I am honored to be the new principal of McAuliffe, a school with over 50 years of experience with providing a public, progressive education. In 2022/23, we are enjoying a year full of all of the programs that make us unique, some of which had been hampered by the health and safety restrictions of the last few years, and it is truly a joy to co-create community with our students, staff and parents. Many of our staff members are former McAuliffe parents themselves, which speaks to the strength of our community -- people don't want to leave! This year, we are also focusing on providing systematic, explicit primary instruction in the skills -- such as phonics, segmenting and blending -- that students need in order to become effective independent readers and writers. We hope you will consider joining us for the 2023/24 school year so that you can help us to continue to grow and apply our philosophy.

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