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Parent Participation

Parents participate in the classroom on a regular schedule that is mutually fit. Frequency is 4 hours a week for 1 child and 6 hours per week for 2 or more children.

  • Attend class meetings once a month.

  • Complete MAT (McAuliffe Aide Training) Program
  • Chaperone fieldtrips

All aiding adults must have the following verified by McAuliffe office staff prior to aiding in the classroom as per CUSD requirements:  (Once you've been accepted to McAuliffe, information will be sent to you.)

  • Fingerprints on record with the CUSD 
  • Current Negative T.B. Test on file in the Christa McAuliffe Office (renew every 4 years)
  • COVID-19 vaccinations and booster

McAuliffe Aide Training (MAT)

The McAuliffe Aide Training (MAT), is a 6 session course, 3 hours per session.  It is offered in the Summer and Fall.  

 At these sessions you will:

  • Learn more about the Whole Child Philosophy
  • Engage in role playing to learn better on how to communicate with our students
  • Participate in small group and hands on experiences
  • Gain aiding tips and strategies from veteran McAuliffe Teachers, Parent Aides and Instructional Aides.

Every adult working with children at McAuliffe is asked to take this training.

Chaperone Field Trips

The following information is required to be verified by McAuliffe staff prior to driving for a field trip:

  • Insurance minimums according to the CUSD
  • Driver's Licence on file in the Christa McAuliffe Office
  • Vehicle Inspection Form