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Parent Organization

The  Christa McAuliffe Parent Faculty Group (CMPFG) is made up of parents & teachers who pool their talents to provide practical support for our school faculty and program philosophy. 

The CMPFG meets monthly to discuss ongoing and new business.  All meetings are open to our community. The CMPFG Board is comprised of committees focused on helping the McAuliffe School and Community thrive. 

Programs supported by the CMPFG include tours and info nights for prospective families, movie nights, the Variety Show and many more.

For more information about our dynamic group, please visit us HERE.

McAuliffe families can access more information and resources on the parent portal. 

For questions relating to CMPFG, contact

Current families can access the parent portal HERE.

PFG Board 2022-23

CMPFG Presidents Ann Forbes-Cannon and Hanah Ahn
VP of Program Coordination Nicole Basler and Lisa Askeland
VP of Internal Communication & Parliamentarian Tanya Rooney Rima Murthy
VP of Operations Zeina Akkawi and Hagit Azoulay Rozanes
VP of External Communications Joni Lindenstruth and Caroline Wojcik
VP of Finance Amir Levy and Asaf Avy
VP of Fundraising Sangeetha Vijaya and Jen Yamtich
Treasurer Abby Yang and Yvonne Ho
VP of Social Affairs TeLina Pavia and Candice Lucado


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