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The McAuliffe Classroom

The Christa McAuliffe Lower School Experience


Properties of the K-3rd Grade Experience at McAuliffe

  • A flexible environment for learning where children are encouraged to observe, research, problem-solve and cooperate.
  • Innovative hands-on teaching and field trips to enrich the learning experience.
  • Frequent opportunities for students to exercise choice within planned learning activities.
  • Integrates all subject areas around selected themes or units.
  • Small group work sessions planned throughout the day.
  • Offers the full resources of the Cupertino Union School District.

Lower School Experiences

Our Kindergarteners through 3rd graders all participate in enriching activities that follow the California Common Core Curriculum and our Integrated learning philosophy.

Every day students participate in:

  • Circle Time: To greet one another, talk about the question of the day and bring ideas to the group.
  • Math: Students are engaged in problem-solving using hands on techniques and real world examples. 
  • Reading and Writing: Students are engaged in book clubs, read-alouds, and sharing stories they have authored.

Every week students participate in:

  • Cooking
  • Art
  • Science
  • Stegel
  • Gardening
  • Social Studies
  • Creative Explorations
  • Music
  • P.E.

Examples of McAuliffe’s Integrated Curriculum

Lessons and projects are as varied and exciting as our students. Some examples include:

Operating a Valentine’s post office to practice handwriting, number and letter recognition, math skills, and working together. 

1st Grade: 
Insect exploration: Students work in small groups to research about an insect they have chosen to give a report.  They use reading, writing and compromising skills.  They also have a science and art connection with this study.

2nd Grade:
Going to a local farmers market to buy produce, understanding and tasting the different plant parts, and then planting a vegetable garden at school. Extensive ocean studies project.

3rd Grade:
Studying pioneer life by simulating a journey across the Oregon Trail, presenting a report to the Town Council, and working at a ranch tending crops and taking care of animals.